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Medsafe Update: Position Papers

Article Posted 2 May 16
The New Zealand government is working on a new and comprehensive regulatory regime to regulate therapeutic products in New Zealand, which will replace the Medicines Act 1981 and its regulations.

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MHRA GXP data integrity and definitions guide

Article posted 12 March 2018
The MHRA have released MHRA GXP Data Integrity Guidance and Definitions; Revision 1

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Ministry of Health: Medicines Act Update

Article posted 2 February 2017
No doubt as an NZACRes member you will be aware that the New Zealand Government is working on a new and comprehensive regulatory regime to regulate therapeutic products in New Zealand. This will replace the Medicines Act 1981 and its regulations, including those associated with clinical trials.

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New Zealand Health Research Strategy 2017-2027

Article posed 9 August 2017
Following public consultation the Ministry of Health have released the

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NZACRes and Victoria University of Wellington Scholarship - Postgraduate Diploma of Clinical Research

Article Posted 18 May 16
The Association continued to support new research capability through our ongoing running of the joint scholarship with VUW for the Postgraduate Diploma of Clinical Research. Recipients of the scholarship are supported financially to progress their studies contingent on academic success and we hope to grow the overall research talent in New Zealand.

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NZACRes collaboration with NZHR

We are very pleased to announce that NZACRes has recently become a member of the New Zealanders for Health Research Group.

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NZACRes contribute to the NZL Health Research Strategy

Article Posted 15 August 16
Led by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, the NZL government was seeking contributions to assist in the development of the framework for health research over the next ten years.

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NZACRes General Meeting 17th March 2017

Article posted 13 March 2017
A short AGM will be held in the course of the One Day Educational Meeting in Christchurch, to permit the financial accounts for the year ending December 31, 2016, to be presented to the Association and for certain amendments to the Association’s Rules (Constitution) to be considered and voted on by the membership.

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NZACRes is Supporting Local Events

Article Posted 15 December 2016

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NZACRes Letter to Incoming Minister

Article posted 3 April 2018
In a letter congratulating the incoming Health Minister, the Honorable Dr David Clark, on his appointment, NZACRes highlighted the important role clinical trials play within our healthcare system.

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Latest News

NZACRes South Island Regional Meeting 9 November 2018

Article posted 31 Oct 18
Join Colleagues from NZACRes at this South Island Meeting.

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Setting New Zealand’s health research priorities - consultation now open

Article Posted 19 Sep 2018
The Health Research Council (HRC), the Ministry of Health (MoH) and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) are seeking feedback on developing the first New Zealand Health Research Strategy.

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Applications now open for Medicines New Zealand's 2018 Value of Medicines Award

Article Posted 17 Sep 2018
Since 2011, Medicines New Zealand has awarded outstanding researchers for undertaking innovative research into the use of medicines or vaccines in New Zealand.

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