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EXAMPLE: Senior/Clinical Research Associate - Auckland based - 6yrs experience


Senior/Clinical Research Associate position sought

Experienced CRA. Previous positions held at CRO’s in the UK. 6 yrs experience.


Junior/Clinical Research Associate Position Sought

Junior/Clinical Research Associate position sought

Currently Practicing pharmacist looking to get into the industry.


Applying for Clinical Trial Assistant Position

Applying for Clinical Trial Assistant Position

As a public health professional with clinical research experience, I am seeking a Clinical Trial Assistant position.  I have almost 3 years’ experience working in the health sector and am committed to providing outstanding research experiences and I would appreciate your consideration.

As a qualified pharmacist from India, I graduated from AUT at the end of last year with a PG Diploma in Public Health which gave me a solid grounding for how public health operates in the New Zealand context.  I have also worked as both a clinical pharmacist, scientific writer and as a clinical research coordinator.

I am currently working at AsureQuality as a lab technician in Blockhouse Bay, Auckland but would prefer to use my background and put my skill set to better use in working in the pharmaceutical industry particularly in clinical trials.  I love being part of the development of ground-breaking pharmaceuticals that provide potentially lifesaving treatments for society at large. Making a difference in this way truly motivates me and the idea of being involved in new frontiers of knowledge in medical advances and breakthroughs.

I believe my education and experience in the health sector, specifically working in clinical trials, will be an excellent match. I welcome the chance to discuss how my qualifications will contribute to the success of the organisation. Thank you for your consideration.



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