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7 LinkedIn tips for raising your profile

If you Google “LinkedIn Profile Tips” there is an overabundance of articles on how to make your profile stand out. We’ve put together our top tips for New Zealand-based research professionals. Whether you’re looking to make a career change or polish your online professional appearance, here are 7 tips to get you started online:

  • Show your face!

Include a profile picture. A profile picture demonstrates that you are engaged with your LinkedIn profile and introduces you to your audience. The picture you choose is important. Avoid using selfies or the mugshot on your hospital ID card. Steer clear of pictures that show anything too personal e.g. wedding pictures or pictures of you at the last office Christmas party. In a LinkedIn survey; one fifth of hiring managers said they eliminated candidates from consideration because of inappropriate photos online. And on that note, you may want to adjust your privacy settings on other social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, to keep your personal photos private.

Look up a photographer in your area to see if they offer affordable packages for professional headshots. Universities often have a photographer on hand to create promotional material – you might be able to access their services.

  • Education & Current Position

Adding your education greatly increases your visibility with recruiters. If you are already working in clinical research and are workforce, listing your high school education is unnecessary. Your university education and work experience are more relevant. List a current position if you have one or list your previous positions. Showcase your therapeutic area expertise by listing this information in the summary section of your profile. One way to do this is to include the therapeutic area, sub-indication and drug class e.g. Neurology/ Epilepsy/ Anticonvulsant. Make sure your current location is up to date.

  • Skills

Many New Zealanders find it very difficult to boast about themselves in the third person, but listing skills increases your profile views and attention from recruiters. Review a job description for a position you are interested in. Do you have the skills they’re looking for listed on your LinkedIn profile? This will give you an indication of the skills you should include on your profile.

  • List your GCP and other relevant certifications

Are you a registered medical professional? Have you recently completed GCP training? Do you hold a current IATA? There is a heading on your LinkedIn profile called “Licenses and Certifications” where you can record the date you last completed training and the training provider. We recommend being specific about the GCP training you have completed, i.e. “ICH-GCP (E6) R2 training” versus “GCP”.

  • What’s your ‘why’?

The summary section on your LinkedIn profile is your chance to explain the burning passion that you have for clinical research. What are you in it for? Or as Simon Sinek would say “What’s your ‘Why’?” What are the experiences, interests and goals that make you the unique health care or clinical research professional that you are?

Follow companies and associations that you’re interested in. Connect with your colleagues. Get involved in online discussions. Grow your network. When sending invitations to other professionals it’s useful to personalize the invitation. Try adding why you’re interested in connecting or commenting on their recent work “I enjoyed your presentation at NZACRes last year.” LinkedIn is the platform for you to showcase yourself as a professional. Let your personality shine through in your summary and your comments on articles. LinkedIn is for professional use, showcasing your professional abilities and attitude.

  • Join NZACRES and proudly display this on your profile!

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Keep up to date with what’s happening in New Zealand clinical research landscape and show that you are an active participant in your professional community!

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Written by Meghan McIlwain on behalf of NZACRes