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COVID-19 and clinical trials

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Management of clinical trials in relation to COVID-19

12 March  2020, WHO Declared COVID-19 a Pandemic. The NZL government also announced that their pandemic plan has been activated.

As hospitals/companies and countries activate pandemic plans we will see an increased impact on clinical trials and whilst we are sure you will receive specific global/regional and local advice related to ongoing studies, there are some general sources of information available.
Look out for the Webinars under Additional Opportunities
NZL Specific Information
3. Is your company an essential service? find out here If you believe you fit into the criteria for essential services and wish to stay open you must register with MPI
NEAC and HDEC Information
4.  HDEC COVID-19 Updates  LINK
5.  HDEC has released COVID -19 Emergency Response: Ethical Review Operating Procedures (SOP) Which details the review of COVID-19 related applications.
6. Check our article on Reporting Deviations
7.  NEAC has published a document called Getting Through Together, which considers the ethical issues which may arise during a pandemic.
8.  NEAC has provided a quick reference guide on Ethical Values for a Pandemic, as well as  Guidance on Pandemic Ethics.
Australia Specific Information 
International Clinical Trial Specific Information
Additional Opportunities
The opportunities listed below may not be within convenient times or working hours for NZL, however we are listing this for your awareness.
1. Praxis Australia is offering complimentary registration to training Webinars LINK to register
2. Society of Research Administrators International webinar Coffee Talks: Research Administration and Management during a pandemic
Offer to Help
The MoH are seeking expressions of interest from health and care professionals who are able and willing to work for a limited amount of time as part of the national strategic approach to managing COVID-19. Find out more
General Information
We will continue to update this list with additional sources of information…so please check this news article frequently.
Written on behalf of NZACRes by Zoe Breeze and Julie Jones