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Enhancing NZ Clinical Trials project

You are invited to participate in the Delphi Survey for the Enhancing NZ Clinical Trials project.

The Enhancing NZ Clinical Trials project is a national project funded by the HRC and MoH, looking to outline an infrastructure roadmap and operations model to make clinical trials in Aotearoa New Zealand more accessible, equitable, and sustainable. It is aligned to the New Zealand Health Research Strategy 2017-2027 and the New Zealand Health Research Prioritisation Framework.

This project aims to provide evidence-based recommendations to inform the development of an infrastructure roadmap and operating model for clinical trials in New Zealand. All solutions will support a sustainable, nationally coordinated, and equitable clinical trials enterprise. For this phase in the project, we will conduct a Delphi survey on the proposed infrastructure options. We want to get your feedback on the identified infrastructure options.

To participate in the survey, please open the attached flier for further information and links.

Flyer-Invitation to participate in Delphi Survey