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Trial Costing Tool Release

This new tool is a resource that can be used by any site needing to analyse the real costs of providing the service of running clinical trials. Without a clear framework it is easy to either forget a category or double up. To try to avoid this the costing tool has costs detailed and categorised into clear groups, and provides summaries for busy administrators and signatories

The aim of the tool is to provide a resource that:

  • provides all parties in the clinical trials industry with a clear and consistent understanding of what the various components and terms involved in costing for clinical trials mean,
  • gives research teams and their organisations a clear and accurate picture of the financial implications of conducting a trial so that decisions can be made based on sound information,
  • is sufficiently uncomplicated (despite the complexity of clinical trial costing) that it can be used by busy research teams whether or not there is dedicated assistance and support within the organisation

It is not a compulsory instrument; it is intended as a helpful tool which will streamline our processes and provide a common financial ‘language’ for clinical trial costing. Also, it is not intended that the costing tool replaces your sponsor-site budget discussions and negotiations. It is an in-house document only which will allow you to see where your costs lie.

Visit the Clinical Trial Costing Tool webpage to download the tool and for more information